This blog is the travelogues with pictures taken in Côte d'Azur and Provence, by a Japanese residing in south of France. I hope the photos of this blog advise you to fix your travel plan.

How to take SNCF(national train of France)

I will show you how to take the SNCF (national train of France) or TGV.

First, you have to buy a ticket.
You can buy it at a wicket or vending machine.

There are two kinds of vending machines.
One is yellow, the other is blue.
Both of them sell tickets.

In the yellow one, you can select languages you prefer.
In contrast, the blue one displays characters in French.
However, next to the display, the guide in English is written.

In the yellow machine, you can chose the language.

In the blue one, the language is only French.
However, the English guide is written next to the display.
And, if you have any reduction card of regional card,
you can buy tickets with using the reduction of the card in the blue machine.

The ticket from the vending machine is following.
The departure and the arrival are written in the ticket.
If you buy a ticket at the wicket, you will have a ticket that is a little bigger than the above one.
But, both are the same.

After buying the ticket, you should validate it.
At the next to the entrance of platform, 
the yellow machine stands.
You can validate the ticket by using it.

If you insert the ticket as the photo shows,
the date and time are printed on the ticket.
The printed date and time are the sign for validation.