This blog is the travelogues with pictures taken in Côte d'Azur and Provence, by a Japanese residing in south of France. I hope the photos of this blog advise you to fix your travel plan.

Côte d'Azur: Nice, Place Masséna

The place Masséna is the main square of Nice.
The location of this square is between the modern town and the old town.
So we can access any sightseeing spots easily.
(e.g. promenade des Anglais, old town and so on)

From Nice station, the tramway is laid to here.
You should start a sightseeing in Nice from here 
because it's easy to understand any locations if you recognize here as a landmark. 

The photo of place Masséna.
You can see it's a beautiful place.
Water is filled on the surface, so it's like a mirror.

Fountains are come out periodically.

Many children play in this square with running, riding a bicycle...

And many families also visit here.
Along the edges of this square, benches are equipped.
Everyone relaxes with sitting on them.

It's like a art.

You can arrive here if you go straight on the mean street from Nice station to the direction of see.
It takes about 15 minutes.
And you can also use the tramway.